Regional Rounds are the largest part of the competition.

They are a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their debating skills, and to receive feedback from top Oxford debaters. When registering and selecting regional round preferences, please bear in mind the below dates. 

We have made the decision this year to move to an online format for the regional stages of the competition and details of the platform and logistics of this will be made clear to all teams in due course.

Regional Dates:

East of England - 27th January

Ireland - 19th January

N. London - 2nd February

E. London - 10th February

S. London - 11th February

W. London - 3rd February

Midlands - 26th January

North of England - 21st January

North West of England and North Wales - 1st March

Oxford - 8th February

Scotland - 2nd March

South Central England - 24th February

South East of England - 28th January

South Wales - 9th February

South West of England - 1st February

Regional Rounds shall be announced following the close of registration and will take place in the Spring term.