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Registration for our international regional rounds for Oxford Schools' 2023/2024 are now open. For regions where there has been particular interest, there have been specific national/continental regional rounds already organised, but the online international rounds are open to debaters across the globe. These rounds are typically held in February, although specific dates are not finalized yet.

They are open to anyone aged 14-18 studying at a secondary educational institute outside the UK and Ireland. Team members must be from the same school. There will be a registration fee of £50 per team.

We are confident that these rounds will produce extremely high-calibre debates and provide an invaluable learning experience for all students involved. Teams that perform the best in these regionals will also have the opportunity to compete in Finals Day, and have a chance to debate in the historic Oxford Union Chamber. 

If you would like us to bring an Oxford Schools' round to your country, please e-mail us. See the list of pre-existing international regionals below as well their hosts.

International Regional Rounds

Africa: Ideas Matter, Nqobile Dube,

Canada: Canadian Student Debating Federation

China: Solum TAIS Group,

Hong Kong: See Change Education 

Hungary: Hungarian Multirole Debate Academy

Kenya: Njugana Macharia,

Korea/Southeast Asia: Leaders Academy

Netherlands: Cato Brinkhof,

West Africa: Eric Awuah, Speech Forces

India: Indian Debate

Tunisia: DER society,

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